Thanksgiving Outreach

What is The Thanksgiving Outreach? 

The purpose of the Thanksgiving outreach is to provide meals to families during winter school break. Each meal feeds a family of six. Each meal holds a turkey with stuffing or a ham or chicken (depending on what is culturally appropriate to the neighborhood), along with vegetables, potatoes, juice, yams, apple or cranberry sauce, bread, fruit, dessert, and more ... plus Scriptures. They are delivered to the partnering school that are located within immediate proximity to the family. Radiant Church is uniquely positioned to offer life-giving, gospel-centered relationships to these families all year round.

Why does Radiant participate in this type of outreach?

This outreach aligns directly with our church's vision and mission. This project allows a small congregation to make a big impact in our community.

Grocery List

How can you get involved?

We invite our community to purchase and donate food to these meals/boxes every year. 

The estimated cost of food for one box is $30-40. Depending on the amount, the church buys a $25 gift-card for each family to purchase a protein. 

You can also sign up to assemble and pack food boxes on November 20th after worship service.

We need people to purchase and donate food to this project. How can I get more information? email Courtney Claxton,