March 2 Surrender // Juneteenth 2020

Under the vision of Pastor Mike Thomas, 46 churches & 700 people came together for one speak against injustice and lament the murder of George Floyd and too many others!

The March to Surrender was a call for the church community to come together, acknowledge the sin of silence, and to surrender the idols in our lives that causes indifference. The call was then to, as followers of Jesus, to pick up the mantle to love MERCY, and do JUSTICE.

It was a call to the faith community to come together to make a statement against injustice, the violence and dehumanizing of black lives, and be the bridge-builders God has established his church to be.

(Special thanks to Austin Yuen of Common Good Church & Lauren Neely of Pine Lake Covenant Church // Photo Credit)

***Click HERE to watch the FB Livestream of the rally portion of March to Surrender