Radiant Church has implemented a communication request process to streamline and effectively manage various communication-related needs within the organization. This process, crucial for maintaining order and quality, is not an automatic approval pathway; each request is carefully reviewed and must receive approval prior to execution. The types of requests covered in this process include Slide Design or Print requests, Website Updates for Announcements or general Website content, Videos, and Marketing (social media and/or print) materials

By adopting this method, Radiant Church ensures that all communication efforts are coherent, resourcefully managed, and aligned with the church's overall mission and values.


    Requesting various communication channels like "Social Media etc". Creative pieces are included. In some cases where print pieces are needed, filling out the Print and/or Design form is helpful for clarity. [Click here for Form]

  • CRQST - 02 // video request Form

    This form helps us understand the goal for this video, as well as the timeline and who needs to review for approval.[Click here for Form]

  • CRQST - 03 // Design & or Print Form

    Fill out this form if you are requesting digital design assets (announcement slides) or print pieces that are not part of a full COM plan (Communications Plan). [Click here for Form]

  • CRQST - 04 // Website update or Bug request Form

    This form is for any updates to an existing page, or to create a new page on our website. It is also for issues or bugs you are experiencing. [Click here for Form]